Below are the best papers in each track selected by Program Committee Board. The authors will receive Springer Best Paper Award of 100EUR

Social network analysis Antonina Milekhina, Valentina Kuskova and Elena Artyukhova Organizational networks revisited: Predictors of headquarters-subsidiary relationship perception
Optimization problems on graphs and network structures Michael Khachay and Yuri Ogorodnikov Efficient PTAS for the Euclidean CVRP with Time Windows
Natural language processing Luiza Sayfullina, Eric Malmi and Juho Kannala Learning representations for soft skill disambiguation
General topics of data analysis Andrey Shestakov, Attila Kertesz-Farkas, Dmitri Shmelkin and Danila Doroshin Lookup Lateration: Mapping of Received Signal Strength to Position for Geo-Localization in Outdoor Urban Areas
Analysis of images and video Artem Baklanov, Mikhail Khachay and Maxim Pasynkov Application of fully convolutional neural networks to mapping industrial oil palm plantations
Analysis of dynamic behavior through event data Timofey Shunin, Natalia Zubkova and Sergey Shershakov Neural Approach to the Discovery Problem in Process Mining