We would like to remind you AIST 2018 starts tomorrow! Below are some tips and advice you might find useful.

When: July, 5-7

Where: Moscow Polytechnic University, Bolshaya Semenovskaya str., 38 (5 minutes walk from Elektrozavodskaya metro station)

  1. Directions: 5 minutes walk from Elektrozavodskaya metro station down Bolshaya Semenovskaya street passing by McDonald’s. On the right you will see the gatehouse of Moscow Polytech. Please have an ID with you to enter the university campus. Then follow marking signs
  2. AIST conference has its official hashtag #aistconf. We will be pleased if you use it in your posts on social networks
  3. The schedule is available hereOn July, 5 registration is from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM, opening is at 10:30. On July, 6 the first talk is at 10:00 AM, on July, 7 the Day for Industrial applications – at 10:30 AM.
  4. Please find coffee break and lunch timing on the schedule. We provide coffee, tea and sandwiches at coffee breaks. The nearest cafe to have a lunch is Shokoladnitsa across the street.
  5. July, 7 we will have a special track for Springer Best Papers Award winners: the list is available here.
  6. For any of your questions on AIST we have a chat on Telegram. Don’t hesitate to ask, for example: Where is coffee-break taking place? Has anyone seen Ivan Semenov? Looking for a data-scientist with NLP experience to hire – are there any?
  7. The official language of AIST is English, but in case everyone participating speaks Russian feel free to discuss and present in Russian
  8. If you are going to present an academic paper at a track, you will have 20 minutes for presentation and discussion.
  9. Two poster sessions will take place:
    – July, 6: for academic papers been selected by the Program Committee
    – July, 7: Peoples and Projects fair which is open for any of the conference participants
    At poster sessions every speaker has 3 minutes for presentation. Please don’t forget to print out your poster and bring it.
    At poster session there will be a giveaway of two books from DMK Press:
    Deep Learning. A Practitioner’s Approach By Adam Gibson, Josh Patterson
    Deep Learning By Ian Goodfellow,  Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville
  10. July,4 at 4 PM an introductory session for AIST Hackathon is taking place at Moscow Polytech: a link to online-translation and more on the hackathon on @aisthack chat on Telegram, free registration at aisthack.ru