Dear friends,

We welcome everyone to join AIST hackathon and apply Data Science in the rapid growing field of Blockchain.

With introduction and tasks from, a big data platform and community for crypto-related insights generation, and support from AIST experts, you will have a deep dive to hot topics of the Blockchain analytics world.

You will have a prepared dataset with pricing and volumes, news and social network discussions, raw and aggregated onchain transactions data. Maksim Balashevich, CEO of, will share his insights on how the market is breathing, what correlations seem to be working not working.

The questions to focus will be the following:

– How social media discussions correlate with pricing growth/falls
– What crypto wallets make the market and how to find them
– How trends and insights move across the minds and reflect in pricing and discussions

Best results will be rewarded with prizes and recognition, promising ideas and teams may be supported to become part of Santiment analytical platform.

More details and free registration at, your questions are being answered in Hackathon Telegram chat