AIST series is intended to be the meeting point for people from science, industry and startups to exchange expertise and build effective project teams on Data Science related projects.
AIST 2018 will be much focused around NLP. We will have tutorial on text classification from Ekaterina Chernyak (Sberbank and HSE), a talk on news processing at by Eugeny Malyutin and an NLP section in the scientific part of the conference.


With all that, we will provide a field for practice and teambuilding, the heart of it being the AIST hackathon. Teams will have three days to explore news, blockchain transactions, social media and pricing data to explain how the world is rotating in the world of cryptocurrencies – with several nominations to choose from and nice prizes from, an international cryptoanalytics startup.


Welcome to AIST on July 5-7, and be aware to register early before we’re sold out 🙂